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Our hand made shoes are the most comfortable and unique high heels for pole athletes, fitness competitors, burlesque dancers, exotic dance artists, showgirls, cross-dressers and anyone who loves sexy high heels. Our shoes are handcrafted by professional shoe makers whose mission is to give personal attention to every detail of every shoe by making one pair at the time and customizing it to customer's foot shape and size, preferred style, color and shoe material. We don't stock any premade shoes. Each pair is made to the customer's order. 

Featured Collections

Featured items

Black leather boots ankle - mid calf high
8" Classic ruby red leather translucent platform sandals
8" Classic style, strap with buckle glitter sandals
9" Mustard suede boots ankle - mid calf high
8" Classic strap with buckle purple glitter translucent platform sandals
8" heel green leather/translucent emerald green platform sandal
Dusty blush vegan nubuck ankle - mid calf high boots
7.5" Classic ankle cuff black/red croc leather sandal
8" Classic clear vinyl purple translucent platform silver multi glitter heel sandals
Mustard vegan nubuck boots ankle - mid calf high
9" Lolita tan leather sandals
9" Black suede ankle - mid calf boots
8" Diana purple glitter two tone pink and fuchsia translucent platform sandals
Cabernet suede boots ankle-mid calf high
8" Classic long strap purple fancy nubuck, black nubuck heel sandals
8" Classic long strap iridescent light pink fancy glitter sandals
8" Lizett black fine glitter black platform sandals
8" Spider style vegan royal blue leather translucent platform sandals
8" Classic clear top closed heel with long strap UV pink and yellow vegan leather sandals
Black vegan nubuck boots ankle - mid calf high